Wongso Group

  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • SEO
  • UI Design
  • Website

Wongso Group is a distributor of refrigeration machine. The first time they came to our office, all they had was offline presence.

After working with us, they now have better brand identity, well-written messaging, and a fully designed and optimized website.

Wongso Group Website Screenshot


They needed their website to speak to a corporate audience—their desired target customer. We made sure the website is easy to navigate, optimized for SEO, and has a clean design.

With effective content and keyword optimization, we successfully rank high in Google for various spare part brands that Wongso distributes.

Complete Solution

We executed a complete package, creating a website as well as marketing media like brochures, name cards, and advertisement banner that’s consistent with it.

We designed a logo that suggests Wongso outrunning all its competition: by combining a plotted “exponential growth” through-line with negative space, we achieved a memorable symbol that carries a strong brand vision. The website features a fluid grid, with a fully adaptable layout on all devices.