FitNation Gym

  • Art Direction
  • SEO
  • UI Design
  • User Experience
  • Website

FitNation is a high-class fitness center in Semarang. Being a newer player in the business, they want to make sure their online presence is strong from the get go.

FitNation Gym Website Screenshot


We introduced a mixed color theme: light colors for clean content and presentation, darker ones for the more emotional, story-driven content. The duotone color theme with a red accent brings a sense of activity and energy to the site.

Google Calendar Integration

We needed a way to manage and display the Classes Schedule. The first thing we did is finding plugins to do so. Long story short, all of them are flawed.

We decided to build it ourselves using Google Calendar integration via an API. This allows the admin to easily manage and edit the Schedule using either a mobile phone or laptop.